Day Five – Sunday 6th September

Today has been a rather exciting day. We started with a trip over to Samson, marking our first beach landing with wet feet all round. The CISMAS divers joined us on their day off, meaning that we had extra people to help carry the equipment – always good. The tide was not out far enough to be useful, so Dan, our geographical expert, who was over here a few weeks ago on holiday, led us to an interesting rock, which he believed us archaeologists would surely know about due to the rather large carving on the rock face. However it turned out that not even the local archaeologists were aware of it, leading to quite a lot of excitement and numerous wellies of water (we didn’t have a bucket) being poured over to reveal the carving in all its glory.

As of yet we do not know how old the carving is or what it depicts, though suggestions have included a boat or some kind of cardinal marker, as it appears to be aligned North – South. We think Dan should ditch the geography and become an archaeologist instead.

As the tide receded we got down to the business of peat. Unlike previous days we did not set up a grid, as the area we would have had to have covered was huge so we focused on the fieldwalls.

Finally we went off to check on the standing monuments, the houses we had so lovingly cleared and recorded prior to minor repairs two years ago. They were beginning to become overgrown again and some had been subject to rather obvious recent repairs and rebuilding. 

On our return to the quay we were greeted by the local IMAG divers who, lead by Todd Stevens, had re-visited the peat exposure he had identified and taken some samples for us. This included a core through the peat and a tree trunk about 20cm in diameter; the reddish colour of the trunk led Dan to suggest that it was probably alder.


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