Day Seven – Tuesday 8th September

Still no day off……

To Parr Beach St. Martins today – we love St Martins as we have spent more time camping on this island than the others it feels like home. Indeed our good friend Viv was there on the quay and made us feel most welcome.   We also had arrived in time to go to the Little Arthur café to for tea and cake whilst waiting for the tide to recede…….so discussed strategy over excellent carrot cake.

There are two known peat deposits on Parr Beach but they, and a stone row, were covered up by a good depth of sand. Cue lots of digging of pits down through the overlying sand across the whole beach on a large grid.  We located the ‘peats’ only towards the centre of the beach and as they were so deeply buried it was impossible to sample them – but at least we located them ready for a return trip next year.

We went out for our final team meal to celebrate the success of the project and the chance to rest our aching arms and weary feet.


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