The aims of the Lyonesse Project are to reconstruct the evolution of the physical environment of the Isles of Scilly during the Holocene, the progressive occupation of this changing coastal landscape by early peoples and their response to marine inundation and changing marine resource availability.  Of particular importance nationally will be the collection and analysis of data that will increase knowledge of sea level change during the past 8,000 years. The project, which will extend over a 2-year period, includes geophysical survey to identify submerged sediments and archaeological remains and biostratigraphic analysis of coastal, intertidal and submerged sediments at selected locations around Scilly. The results of Year 1 will be disseminated in a combined interim report, assessment and Updated Project Design, with a final project report being prepared at the end of Year 2.

The project, which will be co-ordinated by Historic Environment Projects, Cornwall Council, will include experts from Cardiff, Aberystwyth and Plymouth Universities as well as local interest groups such as  Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Maritime Archaeological Society (CISMAS) and the Isles of Scilly Maritime Archaeology Group (IMAG) and others in the local diving community on Scilly.

This project is allied with the Islands in A Common Sea project lead by Charlie Johns and Jacqui Mulville.